5 Tips to See Great Response from Customer Survey Software

July 10, 2009 by Jake  
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If you’re trying to make the most out of your customer survey software then surely you have been looking for a way to maximize the response rates you see. Many marketers assume (incorrectly) that if you create a survey people will automatically complete it, just because you send it to them. Wouldn’t that be nice? The truth is that to see great response rates for your customer satisfaction survey you have to make the process as easy, secure and rewarding as possible.

Follow these 5 tips to make the most of your customer survey software and see great response rates.

1. Emphasize how short and easy it is: Nobody likes tying up a lot of their time to take a customer satisfaction survey for somebody else. I don’t like doing it, and I’m sure you don’t either. The truth, something even taking just 10 minutes could scare away your list from completing the task.

That’s why you need to advertise openly how quick and easy it will be to complete the survey. Be sure to include “2 minute or “5 min” or whatever is appropriate when asking people to take the survey. It will dramatically increase the likelihood that people use your customer survey software.

2. Make it intuitive to complete: Now that you’ve sold your list on how easy the customer service survey is going to be, you better follow through. Nothing is worse than getting suckered into taking a survey because you thought it was short and then end up spending 15 minutes on it and seeing you’re still only 50% through.

You see that? That’s your survey takers hitting the X button and closing their browsers. Make the survey as easy to complete and intuitive as possible. Put yourself and your coworkers through test runs of the survey to be sure everything flows smoothly and it’s as quick as you promise it to be.

3. Offer a bonus for completion: To really improve your response rates and make the most out of your customer survey software, consider offering a free bonus for completion of the survey. Maybe you can send each survey taker a small promotional item. Instead you can offer a 10% or 20% coupon on their next purchase. If you give people something, anything, as a reward for taking the survey they will be far more likely to do so.

4. Promise confidentiality: You need to promise confidentiality to your list members if you want them to provide you with worthwhile information. Ensure them that their answers won’t be shared with anybody else and will have no bearing on any relationship they have with the company. You can still track the results internally using coding to draw the best relationships from the data however.

5. Tell people why you’re conducting the survey: Don’t just tell your list that you “need them to complete a survey” or that “we want to get better”. You should be as specific as possible. Are you trying to improve your customer service response time? Are you trying to find out what you do the best so you can focus on those qualities? Are you trying to weed out weak spots in your products or services? Openly share with people the purpose of the survey, and not only will you get more responses to begin with, but the ones you see will be more insightful and worthwhile as well.

Unfortunately, no matter how great your customer survey software is, you’ll never have people there to take your survey if you can’t sell your list on the prospects of completing it. If you employ these 5 tips you’ll see that you get much better responses when it comes to the integration of your customer survey software and your email marketing list.

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2 Comments on "5 Tips to See Great Response from Customer Survey Software"

  1. Neil Hartley on Mon, 13th Jul 2009 7:32 am 

    All good points but I think the critical one missing is closing the loop with the participant. Consumers are moving their feedback to social media and a great way to keep this direct feedback is to let them know you listened, you heard, you acted. This can’t always be done 1:1 but it should be done 1:many all the time (e.g. through a website). Check out…https://customerintimacyblog.wordpress.com/2009/07/09/surveys-%E2%80%93-what%E2%80%99s-the-point/
    Rgds, Neil

  2. Jake on Mon, 20th Jul 2009 6:37 pm 

    Thanks for the comment Neil. It’s definitely important to take action from survey results and show the people who included their feedback that it was heard and respected.

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