6 Ways to Acquire More Email Marketing Leads

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All of your success will begin with the quality and quantity (in that order) of your email marketing leads. If you’re struggling with your permission based email marketing campaigns then you need to reconsider everything that you to do acquire your leads. Making a series of small tweaks in every step of the process will lead to major improvements in the effectiveness and power of your campaigns.

6 Ways to Acquire More Email Marketing Leads

Above the fold placement – If you want to draw in every email marketing lead that you can, you need to ensure that all of your website visitors see your signup offer. This means placing it above the fold of your website, and it means placing it on every page of your site.

Make your offer compelling – Does your permission based email marketing signup say something like “Sign up now” or “Sign up for our newsletter” without anything else going along with that? How does that entice anybody to make the move? You need to offer something that provides a compelling reason for a person to signup onto your list. You can offer store discounts, exclusive sales, a free eBook or mini-report or anything else. Just be sure you offer something, and be sure visitors know what you’re offering.

Ask fewer questions – Studies show that for every additional question or text box you have on your form, you start losing a few email marketing leads. That means your signup form should include as little information as is necessary to begin building a successful relationship. Do you really need their full address, middle initial, phone number, fax number and all of that other junk you get from them and never use? Then why risk losing another email marketing lead because of it?

Send more traffic to you website – This one might seem obvious, but it’s often overlooked. If you’re looking for more email marketing leads then you should be driving more traffic to your website to begin with. Invest some time and effort into applying good SEO, social networking and link building techniques towards the development of traffic to your site. Every new visitor is another new potential email marketing lead.

Go offline – Just because you’re building a permission based email marketing list doesn’t mean you have to gather all of your list members from online methods. Step into the real world to start growing your list. If you have a brick and mortar business place a signup sheet at the counter. When you attend conferences or tradeshows, meet with colleagues, acquaintances or customers or go anywhere you may find a potential customer or prospect, be prepared to jot down their email address and add them manually to your list.

Let your list build your list – Encourage your list members to forward messages onto their friends, family and coworkers. You may even think about offering rewards to them for doing so, to the tune of refer 3 new list members to us and get an additional 10% off your next order, or something along those lines.

If you put some time and effort into your campaigns and follow these 6 tips, you’ll be able to see a great increase in the amount of email marketing leads you acquire.

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