Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

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Which companies currently provide the best email marketing software for small businesses? That’s a loaded question, because you have to come to your own conclusion for what “best” really is. Are you focused strictly on cost savings, or is deliverability your number one goal? Are you looking for step by step instructions and guides, or are looking for something with more customization ability?

Consider some of these various factors and then get ready to dive headfirst into picking the best email marketing software for you and your company or organization. All of the best email marketing programs for small businesses should enable you to do the following:

1. Work within your budget: Obviously if you are a small business it’s especially important for you to stay within your budgetary constraints. First you have to determine how much you are willing to spend on any of the email marketing programs that you choose. Do you have $10 a month to spend or $50 a month to spend? Ultimately, how much you are charged depends on the size of your list and/or the number of emails you send.

The good news is that many of the best email marketing software providers for small businesses have extremely cheap offers. For example you can

Both of these email service providers provide low cost solutions that meet all of the expectations talked about below.

Considering they are free trials, you can try them or any of the other email marketing programs with free trials that we list with no hesitation, because there is nothing to lose.

2. Easily Create and Customize: Depending on the level of experience or comfort you have with running email campaigns, you may be looking for a different level of control or customization. If you’re just starting out, working with the given templates provided by companies is an easy way to allow you to create high quality, professional emails.

If you have more experience however you may be looking for tools that allow for more customization or for the importing of your own templates, to help differentiate you and your organization even more.

The best email marketing software providers will allow you to do both. Templates are a wonderful way to dive in to the world of email campaigns, but having that added oomph of customization is always beneficial as well.

3. Track and Optimize: Running an email campaign would be a rather futile effort if there was no way to track your results. The tracking capabilities of the best email marketing programs is what makes email one of the most effective forms of advertising and promotion across any medium or spectrum.

You should be able to find out information such as bounces, open rates, click throughs and more. Of course you also need to think about deliverability, which is something that you have control over but also rests in the hands of the email service provider that you choose.

Because of your only partial control over this matter, it elevates the importance of choosing one of the best email marketing software providers out there, which will ensure a high deliverability based on their longstanding reputation and the reputation of their many clients.

4. Experiment with other services: For some people, all they need from their email service provider is a platform to send out their basic newsletters. Many other people though enjoy incorporating customer survey software into their email programs. Other people like being able to automatically post old newsletters to their website, or set up feature rich autoresponders. Be sure the email marketing programs you are looking at have the features that you will wish to experiment with in the future.

Take a look at our articles on the most important email marketing statistics, segmenting your email list and tracking email campaigns for more information.

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This is just an overview meant to give you an idea about how you can pick the best email marketing software for your company or organization. Cost isn’t everything, but it certainly is important. You may prefer to have more customization or an easier platform to work between, and you must be able to track and optimize your campaigns. There is no one best email marketing software, just the one that’s the best fit for your company.

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