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July 30, 2009 by Jake  
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Here at Succeed @ Email Marketing we had been running a “Race to 50 New RSS Subscribers” contest. While I received some positive feedback, there were ultimately a few problems in the way I was trying to track the results that made things difficult, as well as a few trouble makers trying to mess with the results.

Therefore, the contest is now finished, at least temporarily. Sometime in the future there is going to be a bigger and better contest, and it’s going to be very exciting for everyone so please stay tuned!

I’m going to keep plugging away at the site, adding more content that helps you all run your email campaigns and once I’ve reached a certain threshold that I’m trying to get to I’ll release the details of the next contest.

A few things I’ve learned that can be applied to running successful email marketing campaigns:

  • You can’t force anything - While you can push and market yourself all you want, you can’t force something on people that they just aren’t interested in.
  • Some things need time to develop – Just like building up a permission based email marketing list, you can’t expect to show up one morning and have a massive list just waiting to read what you have to say. Things have to develop over a period of time in some instances.
  • Rebounding from missed opportunities – After an unsuccessful run, like this attempted contest, it’s important that you bounce back and learn from your mistakes. As mentioned, I’ll do just that and before too long we’ll have a much improved, much more exciting contest running.
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