Reducing Email List Size with Customer Satisfaction Surveys

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One of the best reasons to use customer satisfaction surveys is to actually reduce your email list size. This might sound counterintuitive to you, but if you use your Internet survey software in the right manner than you can produce a far superior list to what you had prior to your efforts. Here’s a quick primer for getting started with customer satisfaction surveys specifically for reducing your email list size.

Why reduce your email list size?

There are actually several reasons why you may want to reduce your email list size. To begin with, with a smaller list you will be spending less money on your campaigns. You won’t be earning any less revenue however, because the names you eliminated using customer satisfaction surveys were the ones you weren’t converting in any event. Remember, with email marketing and the list you maintain, quality is far superior to quantity.

When you reduce list size using customer satisfaction surveys you’re of course finding out much more information along the process. Yes, you could shrink down your list size by sorting through stats to see which names have been the least active and engaged with your messages. However, you won’t be gaining any of the additional insight that can be so crucial to your overall efforts.

By asking the right questions with your Internet survey software you can get to the root of the problem. Why are the disengaged people unhappy with what you’re sending them? What could you do to make people happier? What kinds of people are the least involved with your messages? And much more.

The result is that your list may be smaller, but you’ll also know exactly what your list members want to be seeing, hearing about and reading. You’ll be able to see a much higher conversion rate because your information will be more targeted, and you’ll be spending less on your campaigns because your list is smaller. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

How to do it

To get started in your efforts towards creating a happier, smaller list for your organization, first you should be using Internet survey software that’s directly connected to your email software. The majority of email service providers allow this now, including two of the most cost effective, iContact at $9.95 per month and Constant Contact for $15 per month.

The sole purpose of your customer satisfaction surveys shouldn’t be to reduce list size, that’s more like a side mission. The main objective of course is to diagnose your campaigns to spot weaknesses and problems, and to get the pulse of your prospects and customers to see what they are really interested in.

At the top of your survey, include a link to unsubscribe, or ask if they would like to stop receiving communications from you, at which point you could manually remove them from your list. Then work your way into the meat of the survey. After all of the questions have been asked, again ask if they would like to continue receiving your communications. Include a text box after a no answer to give people a chance to say why.

Now in addition to utilizing Internet survey software to improve the effectiveness of your campaigns, you should have also leaned yourself out a bit. When you’re on the fence between two different costing areas, in some cases a list of 499 names gets one fee structure and 500 names gets another, you can instantly reduce your costs without any negative consequences.

If you send out customer satisfaction surveys once every six months or so, you’ll be continually able to weak out some of the worthless names on your list, keeping costs down, eliminating overhead and improving your efforts in the process.

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