What is Email Marketing; and What it Should Be

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Lots of people new to the world of online promotion end up asking, what is email marketing? Well, taken from Wikipedia, email marketing is, “A form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail as a means of communicating commercial or fundraising messages to an audience.” OK, that’s great, but I think just about anybody could have figured out the literal definition of what email marketing is.

More important than that is understanding the answer to the question “what is email marketing?” in the real world. We all receive plenty of email marketing messages each and every day, most of them we lump into the SPAM category. They are wastes of time and space, they slow down and infect our computers, they try to sell us enhancement creams or steal our bank account information and of course they give the rest of us a bad name. Read more

20% of B2B Email Marketing Messages Never Get Delivered

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An alarming 20% of B2B email marketing messages never get delivered, according to a new study put out by Return Path. Even more concerning is that figure is for emails which have permission to be sent. This isn’t spam we’re talking about here, these are legitimate emails that businesses are sending to other businesses and to consumers, that never reach their intended destination.

That means that 1 in 5 of the people on your list never even have a chance to open your message, because it never reaches their inbox at all.

This study also featured some other email marketing statistics that might come as an unwelcome surprise to you and your organization. But like with anything else, and all of the latest email marketing trends, if you learn from the wealth of information that’s available, you can improve your results. Read more

Best Email Marketing Software for Small Businesses

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Which companies currently provide the best email marketing software for small businesses? That’s a loaded question, because you have to come to your own conclusion for what “best” really is. Are you focused strictly on cost savings, or is deliverability your number one goal? Are you looking for step by step instructions and guides, or are looking for something with more customization ability?

Consider some of these various factors and then get ready to dive headfirst into picking the best email marketing software for you and your company or organization. All of the best email marketing programs for small businesses should enable you to do the following: Read more

Email Marketing Tip of the Week – Emailing Out of a Recession

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For this week’s email marketing tip of the week, I want to talk about why marketing by email is so great during a down economy or a recessionary period. None of us needs to spend more time hearing about how bad the economy is and I’m certainly not qualified to make any predictions about when significant recovery will happen, or whether not it has already begun.

So instead I’ll be focusing on the strengths of marketing by email even if there is a slumping economy. Alternatively and in other times, your business may be going through its own downward sloping cycle as the economy is doing fine, making marketing by email all the more important. Read more

5 Business to Business Email Marketing Dos and Don’ts

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Business to business email marketing is a little bit different than when you are directly approaching individual consumers. Of course businesses and organizations are interested in different things and have different needs, constraints and desires than an individual person or household does. It’s therefore important to connect to the needs of your target market, which in this case are other businesses that are interested in your products or services. Read more